County Operations Redefined

iCOMS is Enabling the County Government of Laikipia to execute its strategic objectives, translated into departmental workplans and annual targets which describe the expected levels of performance, clearly linked to day to day performance goals and activities for the entire county workforce

Aligned Workplans Management

The team inspired software empowers individual employees to set their goals, align them with departmental objectives and ultimately to strategic goals for the county. The process is driven by departmental activities which auto populates the expected outputs,clear targets, planned timelines and strategic alignments. With an integrated performance management approach, the system combines the use of organizational strategies, standard business processes and information workflows across all tiers to deliver expert insights on goal achievements

Simplified Timesheets Administration

Timesheets management empowers Laikipia County employees to account for the hours spent on day to day basis, the tasks accomplished, where and when. It’s a simple tool available on both iCOMS web and mobile app for effortless completion of work done on daily or weekly basis, with a clear link to workplans, project and key performance indicators. Once completed, timesheets are verified by the respective staff supervisors and automatic escalations done for work not reviewed after a period of time. Travel requests and claims cannot be completed for employees without timesheets.

Claims Management

Travel requests, claims and imprests are launched from a personalized profile and submitted to supervisors for review. Once approved by supervisors, the claims are submitted to departmental accounting officers and ultimately to finance department for settlement. Imprests applications and surrenders are also completed and approved online. Supportive documents must be attached on claims for verification before approval or decline. The process enhances efficiency and transparency in financial settlements in line with the public finance management act

Leave Administration

Leave planning and request processes are completed online, anytime, anywhere. A personalized portal shows the available leave types and balances for quick applications and submissions for approval. Employees enter the number of days requested, the expected start date and the person to whom duties will be delegated to while on leave. The system computes the return to work date. Instant email notifications are sent to approvers, from the immediate supervisor to the HR manager as the leave review process progresses.

KPI Tracking

As milestones are realized, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are updated via KPI achievements module and submitted to the respective supervisors for review. KPIs are also updated via timesheets and workplans goals updated automatically. KPI achievements form the basis for staff appraisal, in addition to other competencies and values defined by the Human Resource (HR) heads. Goal management ends with an appraisal process which is completed online and submitted for review by the immediate supervisors as well as the reviewing managers.